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We offer work in our freight forwarding and back office departments.

Our offices are located in several cities, including Warsaw, Łódź,

Mińsk Mazowiecki, Szczecin, Radom, Poznań, Olsztyn, Kielce, Katowice, Ełk i Łomża.

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Meet our team

Our team includes people with various backgrounds and different work experience. But they share one thing – taking satisfaction from their work.

We both hire experienced professionals and create opportunities for young people who are only making their way into the job market.

That’s not a problem if you don’t have any professional experience, or have worked in a different field. Quite the contrary! We’re open to cooperation with graduates and anyone who is interested in changing their profession. We appreciate the new perspectives they bring.

Rise through the rankswith us

Rise through the ranks with us

Both among our freight forwarding operators and in our other departments, we encourage promotions.
The majority of our Team Leaders, Coordinators and Managers have started their career with us as Junior Freight Forwarders or Junior Specialists.

As many as 14 out of 15 Freight Forwarding Managers have started as Junior Freight Forwarders.
All our Team Leaders in the Freight Forwarding Department have been selected in internal recruitment. Usually, it takes our employees 11 months to get promoted to leadership positions.
16 out of 18 Coordinators in our other Departments have been given this position as a result of promotion.

Send your CV!

If you are interested in a position or job placement with our Company, please apply to our current vacancies or contact us at
Please specify the position or department you’re applying to in your e-mail title. br>

Work placements with Optima Logistics Group

Our work placement programmes are designed to correspond to your needs and level of ability. All the details, including their start, duration, hours and locations are arranged on an individual basis. Depending on your needs, you can work for us during different months throughout the year. Our work placement programmes allow you to join our team for a month, two, or three, and possibly stay with us longer.

Join us if you care about a friendly atmosphere at work. Our policy is to be on first-name terms with each other, and to always be open and ready to help.

We will help you with onboarding
and professional development

As our new employee, you will undergo onboarding to familiarise yourself with your new duties. Depending on your position, you will join either our Freight Forwarding Academy or Back Office Academy, our training programmes to teach you everything you need to perform at your best.

Optima has its own Trainers, who provide regular training to our employees. Individual training programmes are designed to meet the challenges faced by specific departments.

In addition, for a small fee you can enrol on our foreign language courses. Courses are held in small groups, in our offices, either in the morning or immediately after work.

Benefits (Multisport, Medicover)

Private medical insurance and a Multisport card.


If you are an active person, you can join our sports teams.

Corporate events

Twice a year, we organise major corporate events with many attractions. Check out our Facebook profile to see how much fun we’ve had!

International trips

Our employees have already visited Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia.  Visit our Facebook profile to see the descriptions of our trips!

What does our recruitment process look like?


You can apply online. You can find all our current vacancies in the Career tab on our website, using the job search functionality.

CV analysis and selection

We assess all applications against the qualifications required for the specific position.

Phone interview

Then, we call selected candidates to describe our job offer in more detail and to verify whether they meet our key criteria. During this stage, candidates can learn more about the position, and we can see how determined they are to get the job. If the position you’re applying to requires some fluency in a foreign language, you can be asked a few questions in that foreign language.

Face to face interview

Face to face interviews are the most important element, and part and parcel, of our recruitment process. We make sure that these meetings take place in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, and do our best to reduce the number of meetings as much as possible. Such interviews are compulsory, regardless of the position to which you’re applying. Interviews are carried out by our HR specialists, and in the case of Back Office vacancies, also immediate supervisors for the jobs in question. During the interview, we’ll be interested in your previous work experience and expectations towards us, and will test your qualifications, determination, and attitude.


We make sure that each candidate, whether they get to the next stage in the recruitment or not, receives some feedback from us. You will receive information about your results by e-mail or phone within up to 14 days, but usually much faster.

Onboarding in Optima

The recruitment process ends with the job being offered to selected candidates. When both parties agree on the terms and conditions of employment, new employees start the onboarding process.

Recommend Optima

We notify current vacancies to our employees, who can join our Recommend Optima programme by recommending their friends for our recruitment processes.

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Optima Logistics Group launched Optima Ubezpieczenia / Optima Insurance, a specialised transport insurance company. The new company was created in response to the demand among road hauliers.

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Forge a career with Optima

If you are interested in a position or job placement with our Company, please apply to

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Optima Logistics Group launched Optima Ubezpieczenia / Optima Insurance, a specialised transport insurance company. The new company was created in response to the demand among road hauliers.

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Life Chasers

We are proud to announce that we have joined Life Chasers. This new recruitment programme is designed for people who want to forge a career in the freight forwarding business. Decide if you want to be a Life Chaser too, and apply.

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