What we offer

We provide services to companies operating in all sectors of the economy. We guarantee the highest competences along with a wide range of transport and forwarding services.


We render professional transport and forwarding services countrywide. Our long-standing experience in transport logistics, coupled with the reliability and professional skills of our staff, ensure you receive top-quality service. Since our customers have diversified needs, we use a flexible and individual approach to each of them. We support our partners and recommend them the most optimal solutions, tailored to specific situations.


In choosing our company as your business partner, you are offered:


  • FLT shipping of up to 24 tonnes countrywide,
  • 24/7 loading service,
  • 80 m³, 100 m³ and 120 m³ vehicles,
  • regular supplies to construction sites.


Should you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us at:

 tel.: +48 22 242 84 45

e-mail: contact@optimalg.com

We render professional services in the field of FTL shipping and forwarding within and outside the European Union. Our services are provided using the most modern trucks, equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS). You may, therefore, monitor your goods in transit at all times to make sure that your order is proceeding in compliance with the most stringent of international standards. We transport neutral, refrigerated, ADR (dangerous) and oversized cargo throughout Poland and the other EU countries. Our long-standing experience and cooperation with the most demanding contractors have made us a reliable and fair partner that always keeps the deadlines.


In choosing our company as your business partner, you are offered:


  • FLT shipping throughout Europe,
  • careful selection and verification of subcontractors,
  • transport and cargo insurance,
  • 24/7 access to the GPS in every vehicle,
  • vehicles equipped with 13.6 m tarpaulins, 7.7 m + 7.7 m sets and 13.6 m mega-trailer type curtains,
  • a modern fleet – Euro 5 and Euro 6,
  • double manning on request, ensuring fast delivery,
  • shipping with pallet replacement,
  • cabotage in the territory of the EU Member States.


Should you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us at:


 tel.: +48 22 242 84 45

e-mail: contact@optimalg.com

To fully meet your expectations, we provide express transport services when special care is required for both the cargo and the deadline. We use our best endeavours to ensure that our customers benefit from accurately performed orders, giving you access to a fleet comprising over 230 3.5-tonne vehicles throughout Europe.


In selecting our company, you are offered:


  • a dedicated vehicle (1-12 pallets up to 27 m³) equipped with GPS (24/7 access),
  • permanent supervision by the forwarding agent,
  • careful selection and verification of subcontractors,
  • vehicles available throughout Europe,
  • cabotage in the EU area.


Should you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us at:


tel.: +48 22 242 84 45

e-mail: contact@optimalg.com


Our service portfolio includes oversized cargo shipping, an area in which we have many years of experience. As this kind of service requires special attention and compliance with the safety standards, we supply, depending on the actual cargo size, vehicle escort by properly qualified and experienced staff.


We render the following services:


  • oversized cargo shipping throughout Europe,
  • transport counselling by properly qualified staff,
  • piloting and technical operation of vehicles,
  • transit permissions and customs documents,
  • technical assistance.


Should you have any questions regarding our services, please contact our consultant at:


tel.: +48 22 242 84 45

e-mail: contact[at]optimalg.com

We specialise in temperature-controlled shipping. Our Fresh service covers the transport of vegetables, fruit and other perishable foods that must abide by certain relevant standards and ensure that the means of transport satisfies a number of requirements.

We render comprehensive fruit and vegetable export services, based on the latest technologies and expertise in the field of refrigeration. Our combination of knowledge, specialisation and suitable equipment allow us to ensure the professional transport of perishable foods, while conforming to the most stringent of standards.

Our clients include FMCG enterprises. To meet their expectations, our services cover imports, such as from England and Spain.

We support the Polish economy. Recognising the significance of apple or champignon mushroom exports, we invest in this area to offer you the best service available.

As full customer satisfaction is our major objective, we use our best endeavours to guarantee that the import of vegetables and fruits proceeds smoothly and as you would expect.

Contact us so that we can prepare a special offer:

tel. +48 22 242 84 45 or e-mail: contact[at]optimalg.com


Optima Brokerage House, an insurance company, has been established within the Optima Logistics Group to specialise in transport insurance. This new company is a response to the demand we identified among road carriers.

The company's portfolio focuses on carrier and forwarding agent insurance, transport insurance, third-party liability insurance and other property insurance.

More information about Optima Brokerage House and its products can be found at: www.dboptima.pl or by calling: +48 22 379 77 67

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This corresponds to the insurance of goods in road transport. The principal objective of this insurance is to protect the owner of the cargo against the financial consequences of its loss or damage. Cargo insurance can provide indemnification of the entire cargo value (the insurance sum). Every owner should seek to insure his/her goods, and in choosing us you get an opportunity to purchase such a policy as an additional service.


We offer our customers cargo insurance that extends to forwarding, shipping organisation and the cargo itself. The insurance sum corresponds to the actual cargo value upon loading.


The insurance applies to road transport and its maximum sum per carriage is EUR 2,000,000.00. The premium is paid for each insurance policy.


Our insurance may cover container and non-container cargo in road transport.


It may cover property intended for transportation, together with higher-risk cargo such as household appliances & audio/video devices, computer equipment (including parts), photographic equipment, telecommunications equipment, mobile phones, alcoholic and tobacco products, medicines and pharmaceutical products, tyres, spare parts, car subassemblies, ADR goods (except hazard class I and VII) and bulk property, except cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, cash, securities, cheques, bills, documents, precious stones, jewellery, precious metals, antiques, pieces of art, philatelic collections, live animals, human organs, corpses or remains, drugs, psychotropic and hallucinogenic drugs, migration property, frozen fish and seafood.


The insurance covers goods carried by international transport by road – 1/1/09 Institute Cargo Clauses (A).


The insurer assumes responsibility for each transport of property covered by this insurance.


If you wish to register property exceeding the maximum insurance sum per single means of transport or property excluded from the insurance coverage, you should contact us at least 3 days before the commencement of the shipping service.


Should you be interested in our shipping or cargo insurance services, please contact us at: tel. +48 22 185 57 55 or e-mail: djuras[at]optimalg.com


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