When you choose to cooperate with us, you receive comprehensive support from our qualified team, who will provide the highest quality of services.


Every client is treated individually. Our competent staff will advise you on the most efficient logistic solutions and convenient options for delivering your product to ensure its safe and timely arrival.


We also handle paperwork and other formalities. We will prepare the necessary documents, plan the best route and select the appropriate means of transport.


We provide transport services throughout European Union Member States as well as in eastern and southern Europe.


In order to meet your expectations, we have prepared the most important documents necessary for establishing cooperation with us. You may find the documents in this tab.


If you have any questions about cooperation with us, please contact us:

tel. +48 22 242 84 45


Our specialists are waiting for your call!

Corporate documents


We are pleased to present all the necessary documents related to the operation of our company.



Documents for Clients

Dear client - it is our desire that you spend as little time as possible on the formal aspects of our cooperation, which is why we have prepared a transport order form.



Please complete the order form and send it to us via e-mail: or fax: +48 22 379 02 66.




+48 22 242 84 45


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