About us

We are a dynamically expanding company in the TSL sector, concentrating our activity in providing transport, spedition and logistic services. Specialization in one sector makes us swift and efficient, unlike companies, whose activities are spread over several industries.


Our service is characterized by quality, flexibility and reliability. We are different from our competitors, setting new market standards and providing our clients with a service, which improves our performance in each area of our activity.


Choosing Optima as your business partner is the best solution from the view point of business activities and obtaining objectives. With us, satisfaction is guaranteed!


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We know perfectly well that the best method of building a long-term competitive advantage in the market is to focus on the client’s needs and expectations, such as:


  • Reliability – we always go through with the transaction after acceptance and perform the contract, regardless of costs or losses.


  • Quality – we provide and constantly improve the high-quality of service for our clients, in each aspect of our business – from forwarding to accounting.


  • Safety – as our client, you can be certain that we will do everything in our power to perform our obligation and we will help you with any unexpected problems.


  • Integrity – our clients are confident that we will never deceive them. We adhere to fair play rules.


  • Help – we always help our clients and we will not leave them on their own, even if from a legal point of view we are not obligated to provide help; we are available and ready.


  • Flexibility – we always seek solutions, we are creative and open to many ideas; nothing is impossible for us.


  • Attractive pricing – thanks to the high quality of our work processes, we are able to offer attractive prices for our clients, competitive in comparison with other forwarding companies.


Our main business activity is domestic and international full truckload and groupage road transport. Additionally, we provide storage services and customs clearance services.

We have at our permanent disposal quite a sizeable fleet of 250 vans and 200 tractor-trailer.

We are a modern company, which follows the current trends and quickly adjusts to current market reality. Our comprehensive solutions regarding the organization of transport are the answer to our clients’ needs. It is for our clients that each day we strive to be the best and meet their requirements.



The company is comprised of over 500 experienced forwarders with the highest possible qualifications for this job. We care for their professional development and allow them to improve their qualifications within our company. The employees receive professional work equipment, which gives us unprecedented capacity. Competent customer service is our trademark, which is why our employees are transport and forwarding experts.


Our recipe for success is industry specialization, partner relationship with clients, the highest quality customer service and satisfied employees. We are expanding rapidly and dynamically. This is proven by the regular expansion of our transport and forwarding specialist team and the ever-increasing number of our clients as well as received awards, such as the “Gazelles of Business” or the “Cheetahs of Business”.


Try us out now and join our satisfied clients!


+48 22 242 84 45


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